Blogging is hard

Well, that’s not exactly true. Blogging is logistically very easy. Anyone can create their own space on the internet (for free) to write about whatever they want for as many words as they want. However, consistent blogging to express oneself and further develop a personal and professional brand is hard. Especially when you’re already blogging for clients at work during the day (among working on other things clients like you to do for them). In the spirit of making a real effort to blog on my own terms, here are a select few of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging this whole time:

Reason #1: I got married.
I am not the first person of the opinion that planning a wedding is incredibly complicated and time-consuming, no matter how low-key you’re keeping the affair. However, it bears repeating that weddings (large or small) are essentially social experiments that amplify your most personal decisions. It’s weird. But also fun once you get past all that weirdness.

Reason #2: I’m daydreaming about Charleston.
Weeks after honeymooning (see Reason #1) in the Holy City, I still catch myself scrolling back to stare at all the photos from the trip. When we weren’t eating oysters by the dozen, we were wandering down gas lamp-lined streets marveling at window boxes so big and lush you could hide in them. Have you ever lived an entire week where breakfast was delivered to your door in a picnic basket? It’s just long enough to make you feel like that’s actually your life. Needless to say, my breakfast has been consumed sans picnic basket since we checked out.

Reason #3: People love barbecue.
In a state with more confident football fans than possibly anywhere else on the planet, Alabama Food has decided to do a little smack talking of our own. The Year of Alabama BBQ is in full-swing, spreading the hickory-smoked cheer and pissing off more than a few Memphis locals. If there’s anything I like better than sassy copywriting, it’s barbecue, so I’ve been knee-deep in Alabama white sauce and smoked meat puns these past months.


Above: The most perfect serving of shrimp and grits from Sean Brock’s Husk in Charleston. Because no one ever left a blog post angry after looking at a tiny skillet of delicious food.



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