Presence in the present.

Watching “Eat, Pray, Love,” the movie based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling memoir and of course there are plenty of messages that provoke plenty of thought, but one quote in particular resonates the most tonight:

“I remember an old catholic joke about a man who spent his whole life going to a church every day and prayed to the statue of a great saint begging “please, please, please, let me win the lottery.” Finally the exasperated statue comes to life and looks down at the begging man and says “my son, please, please, please, buy a ticket.”

We all have aspirations, goals, ideals that we would like to see happen in our lives. I know exactly well what my perfect life would entail if only I lived in a fairy tale… so what keeps us from crossing the line from fiction to reality? Laziness? Fear of failure? Most likely. We all want to win the lottery, but we don’t want to remind ourselves to buy a lottery ticket in the midst of our lives every day. Daily lottery tickets are expensive, they take effort, and they are not a guaranteed pay-off. Hard work does not always guarantee the success we want, the life we aspire to is not always attainable in the way we would like it to be. But nothing is attainable if not aspired to and worked for… something we (I) often forget.

Studies show that it takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit. Time to buy the first lottery ticket (or what have you).

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